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Valeria Cagnina

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About Valeria Cagnina


Here I am. Valeria Cagnina, born in 2001, fond of robotics and technology since ever. I am OFpassiON Co-Founder and Mentor with Francesco Baldassarre.

Born in 2001, my story begins at Coderdojo Milan when I was 11 after seeing a simple digital plant realized with Arduino and with I immediately fall in love. So I decide to buy an Arduino kit and in a really short time, after have realized the initial projects, following and modifying the YouTube videos (only in English at that time), I realize my first robot able to move avoiding obstacles. I write my Junior Grade High School short essay using Facebook and interviewing Luca Parmitano while he was in the space, showing how the net can be used also by children in a smart way.

So, it starts for me a non-stop series of events and projects: when I was 14 I was speaker at TEDxMilanoWomen, at CNR in Pisa, at The Senate of the Republic and at the opening conference of the Maker Faire Rome 2015 in the Great Hall of La Sapienza University with my speech “The World I would” where I analyze the net from the relationship point of view.


At MIT in Boston when I was 15

When I was 15 I spent my Summer at MIT in Boston at the Department of Robotics, inside the Duckietown class as Senior Tester. My task was to build a robot able to move alone inside a simulated city, based on the Google Car model, following the university tutorial, improving them and making them easier in order they could be used also by the high school students and so extend the project.

In Boston I discover education and learning can be funny and playful and we haven’t to get bored on a school desk (a thing that I always was used to).

When I was 16 I founded my own school and I started teaching children from 3 robotics and tech. My courses extend rapidly: kids, teens, as far as arriving to adults and teachers whom I transmit my educational method learnt in Boston where education as we know it is already considered obsolete. I teach other teachers how to apply in classroom these didactics and make it again.

I often organize business team building in small, average and big realities like Cisco and IBM. I often take part into international events and fairs in Italy, Europe and in the United States. ETH in Zurich – the Polytechnic University – the one in Lausanne – the EPFL –  my quotation among the 100 most influent women in digital, the prize as Tecnovisionaria at the University of Pisa.

Today I am 17 and I keep expanding my school, I work with structured paths and spot events in public and private schools, I organize demonstrations around the world, I show my robots, I hold labs and workshops and I use robotics – my passion – to help Dreamers being curious, discovering and cultivating their own passions: do what you love and you will never work any single day in your life!

I’m not a NERD: I’m fond of travels, rhythmic gymnastics, origami, animations, creative works and I take care of my vegetable garden.


Valeria Cagnina Education

2016 – MIT in Boston. Senior Tester of the MIT Duckietown University project dealing with planning vehicles able to move alone through a duck city. I built a robot with Raspberry PI following the university tutorials. My task was to modify them, make them easier and so usable also by the High School Students.

2016 – LeanGap in Boston. Summer Camp to give teens the base instruments to create enterprises in the tech field: from the idea to the website, the brand, the storytelling skill…

2017 – SusJam in Monaco. A three days’ full immersion where I learnt the basis of the Service Design and Design thinking.

2016 – SusJam in Lubiana. A three days’ full immersion where I learnt the basis of the Service Design and Design Thinking.

2016 – Human Age Institute in Milano. I was given the HAI Talent Award as Young Talent during the presentation of the novelties in the digital field of the Human Age Institute Foundation.



Today I attend

2019 - I graduated from IT high school with 90/100 at Sella Institute of Biella. I enrolled at Polytechnic in Milan at the Informatics Engineering Department.

2018 - 2019 - I study alone to take the school leaving examination as a private individual (after being forced by school to abandon it because it didn’t tolerate I had a company besides school, despite my very good grades).

June 2019 – I passed at the end of the 12th grade the admission tests to the Polytechnic in Milan at the Engineering Department

2015 – 2018 – I.T.I.S A. Volta in Alessandria. I ended the 12th grade Computer Scientist.

2015 – today. TEAM program at TAG Innovation School in Milano. I attend a mentorship personalized program. I helped designing and organizing the Coding Generation (building a robot with Arduino and Lego WeDo) robotics courses.

Nothing is impossible!

Thanks to determination, commitment, labor and hard work we arrive where we want.

Only in the dictionary “success” is ahead of “sweat”!



Valeria Cagnina’s hobbies and passions

CoderDojo. I saw there my first digital plant realized with Arduino. CoderDojo Milano opened a world to me making me love technology, coding and hardware.

I build robots, I am CoderDojo Alessandria co-Champion, mentioned among the 100 most influent women in the digital field in Italy in 2015.

I love travelling, I am also travel blogger and I started writing in one of the most influent Family Travel Blog in Italy, even if today I haven’t time anymore to write about travels: I had my section –  “Valeria’s world” –  in my mother’s blog, Liliana Monticone.

I like rhythmic gymnastics – I have been practicing it non-stop and I have been coach since 2012 – programming, painting and do-it-yourself. I am animator in the parish center of the hamlet where I live.