Why OFpassiON?

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Why OFpassiON?

We are an Educational Robotics Company and the term “robot” doesn’t appear in our name. Why? It is very simple. We believe that today robotics, as well coding and all the hard skills are very easy to learn. Today a computer and a connection are enough to change one’s own life.

There are very high quality courses provided online free by the most prestigious Universities in the world.

Can perhaps it have a meaning being in competition with them? Absolutely not!


What do we do?

Then what do we do? It is very easy. Robotics is for us a means and not a goal.

We use robotics – our passion – to transmit soft skills, that series of cross-cutting skills so required – and often hard to be found – today by the working world. And they are not learnt at school.

Words like team working, problem solving, reverse mentoring are often unknown to the most part of people. And who knows them the most part of times doesn’t focus on their importance in the actual world. Team working, listening, learning, creative problem solving, creativity are all essential skills today.


ofpassion valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre passioniPassions

We use robotics to transmit soft skills in a funny way. We try to help the little ones, but also adults, to be curious, to explore and never make stop by fear or by the “I can’t do it” thing (a sentence forbidden during our activities!), to discover and cultivate one’s own passions to make them a job tomorrow”.

Only like that we won’t have the nightmare of “Monday morning”, so much common today. Only like that people will be happy to work. Only like that they’ll achieve the most excellent results and – above all – only like that they will be happy!

That’s why our company deals with passions. Discover, teach, cultivate one’s own passion to be happy!


ofpassion valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre of on

OF and ON

Next to the passions we thought to play about ON and OFF. Turn ON passions. Of course, an OFF turning off – at the beginning of the name – didn’t certainly work. So, the turn OFF simply becomes an “OF”, meaning “about”. Everything about passions. So robotics becomes for us an integral part of the name of our company.

ofpassion valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre codice binario

Binary code 0-1

On some social media, in our nicknames and in some of our communication activities, you have already noticed that often “I” is replaced by number 1. So we play about another aspect we are fond of: 0-1, the binary code. 0-1 of course is a part of our activity and we play about it because – as you already got – we love enjoying ourselves and we always do it to transmit positivity!


ofpassion valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre razzo

The rocket

Certainly a rocket couldn’t miss in our logo. It was one of the first things decided and fixed. The rocket allows to fly high, go far, explore new ways. We associate it also a bit to the famous Space X by Elon Musk: it means visionary craziness in believing strongly that “nothing is impossible” and realizing things that everyone believed crazy.

The rocket is the symbol of what we try to do with our dreamers every day: give them instruments to go far where neither us nor them can imagine by far. But having the right instruments – that OFpassiON contributes giving to all Dreamers –allows to fly high towards unexplored and unknown worlds!


What do you say?

What do you say? Do you like our name and our symbol even more now that it has been explained?


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