We take part into and/or organize events and fairs; speech and talks; education, tech, innovation and educational robotics theme roundtables. We meet many famous characters and we are speaker together with them at the big events around the world.

People are struck when we tell our such different paths to reach the same outcome (as the airplane wings…opposite, but towards the same direction!). Or how Valeria at 16 did Francesco – 24 –  the job interview…and how she did it above all!

All our activities and our talks can be done both in Italian and in English.


We can show the main 10 rules of the school that all our teachers, collaborators and Dreamers (children and teens taking part into the activities) embrace and share, besides the working of school and our entrepreneurial idea. Everything according to our first rule “Nothing is impossible!”

At school or however when we turn to an audience of children and teens, we try to inspire them. It is always the right moment to chase one’s own passions and goals and make them a professional full time job.

We try to tell adults, managers and CEO or at companies our experience in order to show how thinking outside of the box and overcome the mental limits imposed by the daily routine can be the solution for a professional life as our is, where every day we enjoy ourselves doing what we love most.




We are able to shape our speech according to the needs of customer and the goal of the event, modifying the duration and using – time by time – a language based on the audience, everything without denaturalize the content of our intervention and the message we want to give to who listen to us.


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Some videos of our speech in Italian and in English!

Big and small events and stages where we were protagonists…

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