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We offer single interventions, some meetings or structured paths all over the school year. Dreamers (who takes part into our activities) enjoy themselves and discover a nice way to learn and teachers can see our unique and innovative method applied on the field.

According to the age and the number of people attending, we activate robotics, STEM, tech, digital labs and meetings of different levels…


In our motivational speech we tell about our school and our story in front of big audiences of children and teens, calibrating all our interventions according to the participants’ age. The aim is to motivate the new generation and show them that “Nothing is impossible” – as the first OFpassiON rule states – and that they too – like we did – can turn their own passions and dreams into reality!

We usually move throughout Italy, Europe and around the world. We meet children, teens and teachers of any age, origin and background.

Our Company collaborates with prepared and skilled teachers who embraced our philosophy and the 10 rules of our school. So we can organize several workshop sessions contemporarily and absorb a really high number of participants.




All our meetings and activities can be done both in English and Italian.

Contact us for an estimate without obligation, possibly indicating: date, duration, number and age of the participants and if you are interested only in the speech or in the labs, too. We’ll send you a customized proposal according to your needs.

Some videos of our activities at Schools

Labs, meetings, speech, events…

Our most important collaborations

Customers, big companies, prestigious Universities and schools, international events.

Here are some of the main ones.

mit massachusetts institute technology valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre ofpassion  ted tedx valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre ofpassion  skytg24 valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre ofpassion  rai gulp valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre ofpassion robotica  bicocca università valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre speaker role model capitan marvel ofpassion  skuola.netvaleria cagnina francesco baldassarre ofpassion think  national geographic festival scienze valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre ofpassion  tguno valeria cagnina francesco baldassarre ofpassion robotica robot laboratori

What are we doing now?

News about us, new projects, events, info and curious issues from the tech world, opportunities, cues and things to do.

Our blog we try to keep updated as much as possible!

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