We are able to replicate our labs in any context and make them suitable for the needs of our customers. What do we need to do it? Nothing! We think about everything. From the personalized materials as far as a prepared and skilled team, nothing is left to chance.

We planned an active park which is able to satisfy all the requests both as regards times and numbers.

During our Sunday labs we make build a robot in few hours. These are events where we focus a lot on the educational aspect through a scene, a movie scene or song, analyzing time by time technology, socials networks and their use, the time management and/or choices, critical spirit…and so much more.

Are you curious and do you want to know how van OFpassiON lab works? Have a look at the video here on side and go to the Events section for all details about dates.



Thanks to a prepared and skilled staff working well in team, we are able to welcome consistent numbers at our stands for great events or fairs.

Agencies, cultural associations, parents’ groups, libraries, museums, toy libraries, sports associations, no-profit associations…and anyone organizes small and big evens can contact us to study together the best workshops and labs project, dedicated to any age, with a different duration and difficulty which can take place also at the weekends and on holidays.


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Many labs, kit, robot, experiences which you cannot be found anywhere else!