Our courses are dedicated to teachers of all levels, starting from kindergarten.

We offer individual and group lessons in our classroom or at your school and we hold any sort of aim and duration courses at public (certified MIUR) and private schools, in order to give them the tools to replicate in the classrooms technology quickly and our idea of school above all. Funny and never boring.

As our 10th rule states, if kids look at their smartphone during lesson, it’s our fault because we weren’t able to be interesting and involve them! A difficult aim to reach without the right instruments, but always remember that Nothing is impossible!

It will be easy and funny to achieve the skills to be able to integrate robots in every school subject.

Our Company is on SOFIA platform. We usually move throughout Italy, Europe and around the world, so our activities can be done both in Italian and in English.

The goal of these courses is to give teachers the tools for a new didactics, more involving, in order to interest the pupils: our task is to help you from a technical point of view introducing you to coding and the design thinking, in the formation of new technologies and the digital literate. But and above all make you achieve those soft skills which will help for the 360 ° education of your pupils. We believe that teach means transmitting emotions. Too many people still think that fun and learning are incompatible! The easiness of learning of this methods – though practical workshops – is the common logical thread. In the classroom will be easy to reach goals that today you cannot think possible!

More than IT courses these are didactics technology courses, formation courses about the new technologies even if – as one of the most Italian experts, Stefano Quintarelli, wrote in a post some time ago, it’s time to stop calling them new technologies, by now!



Not a pre-constituted format to teach, but a creation of involving and complete experiences to stimulate in you the passion of learning no-stop, because you can transmit it with creativity and fun to children and teens.

The tools we use today will be overpassed in very short time. Methods and passion last forever!

Learn the basis of programming through a funny and interactive approach will allow you to make your pupils protagonists and an be active part of the project’s outcome.



Valeria’s experience at MIT in Boston was important to turn upside down her concept of school and learning. School we know today in Italy is considered prehistory there by now. New teaching methods allow to create alternative balances, explore new paths and new didactics whose practical application – for a total improvement of school – is all in your hands.



Tangible results

We quote here the analytical results of the satisfaction survey of one of the courses

for teachers’ cycles hold by OFpassiON

It was a certified MIUR course destined to 50 teachers of the public school.

Comments about our working and involving method were more than positive! Trust the numbers beyond words:


the94 %

gave the best score

the100 %

give more than 8/10

It’s a data we are proud of, both contextualized along the duration of the meetings (5 hours all) and because they were held on Saturday morning, when usually teachers were off duty.

If you have to measure yourselves, too, and experiment with our innovative learning method, contact us for an estimate according to your needs!


Some videos of our activities in the several fields!

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