Courses for children and teens


All over the year we offer many and different courses, with the possibility to focus on what you are interested more.

Robotics, tech and digital courses both turned to software and hardware are available starting from 3 years old for children not literate yet. Using blocks and colors we’ll learn the basis of the logic programming playing with them.

Courses are not divided mainly according to the age, but for skills achieved: we prefer to combine children – even if with slightly different age – with the same level of knowledge to exclude totally boredom and disinterests. The password is always: learn enjoying oneself!


Courses for little ones (starting from 3) are mostly creative labs aiming to teach the principles of the STEM subjects working.

Didactics focuses on the child with its creativity, ideas, rates and its personality. No desks nor chairs, no frontal lesson. Only a lot of fun because the scientific subjects can be also transmitted by an interesting way to any age. We will apply Design Thinking techniques, an alternative way to learn and do didactics and we’ll learn that failure is however an opportunity to take advantage of in order to grow and improve.


Children are the protagonists and an active part of the outcome of their project and they will change their approach to technology: from passive users they will become active users starting to understand the working principles of the technological objects around them.

Our courses for children and teens start from 3 (so for children not literate yet) as far as arriving to kids and teens.

Spot events or structured paths lasting some lessons or all over the year weekly at our seat or at schools, museums, bodies, associations…

We often make collaborate heterogeneous age groups to teach team working and reverse mentoring.

Science, Chemistry and Physics can be interesting and curious subjects. Robotics – at different levels according to the age – will be a corollary to the several courses available.


Weekly courses at seat

Are you curious to discover what happens during our courses?

Have a look at how many interesting subjects we explored all over the school year!


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Many labs, kit, robot, experiences which you cannot be found anywhere else!

Some videos of our activities with children and teens!

Big or small numbers, we are able to do activities with children and teens of any age!

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News about us, new projects, events, info and curious issues from the tech world, opportunities, cues and things to do.

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