What we do

Our mission

Our goal is as simple as ambitious:

make education – and more in general the learning process –

funny. Always and however!

This applies to any age, any context and each person.

Everyone has to get the chance to learn enjoying oneself

and express oneself in the world through one’s own passion,

whatever it is – to be happy every day!

Our method

All our activities are planned and realized following the 10 rules created by us!


What we do in OFpassiON

We believe that the only winning education is a 360 degrees one

Our activities are designed to stimulate,

at the same time, all the different forms of intelligence.

Dreamers are therefore stimulated from the spatial, logic-mathematical,

social, introspective, linguistic, kinesthetic, creative point of view.

Tangible results

Does our educational method work? We asked the over

10.000 Dreamers

we reached with our labs. Look with your own eyes the results obtained!


gave us 10/10


believes that 10 rules will be the future of education

Robotics for all!

We use robotics – our passion,

to help others discover, cultivate and chase their own passions.

It’s possible to do it since we are children!

So robotics becomes a means and not a goal: this allows us to develop in people

not only hard skills

but also and above all soft skills!

Our offer is complete and fit for any age and context.

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What are we doing now?

News about us, projects, events and curious issues from the tech world, opportunities, cues and things to do.

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