Turbo – The Mascot

Turbo – The Mascot

turbo mascotte ofpassion robotica educativa valeria e francesco


About Turbo


I introduce you TURBO. This light blue robot is the OFpassiON Mascot.

Do you notice something odd? Kids realize it immediately!

If you are adult people and haven’t realized it yet, we tell you why Turbo is so weird. Look at its legs!

Exactly! They are crooked attached on side. Do you know why right him, with its flaw, has become the OFpassiON mascot?

Try to imagine a far off country, on the other side of the world. The person who sewed it maybe did it absently, maybe realizing it last minute, shortly before closing the parcel and ship it to its destination. In that moment that person thought: “Never mind, this puppet will end in the hand of a three-year old boy who won’t even realize it!”



So Turbo ends into a container and then on a ship. He crosses half of the world and for the strange cases of life it ends in our hands. We – like all our Dreamers – realize immediately its flaw as soon we see it and right its crooked legs make it become protagonist.

But not to tell the ugly duckling fairytale or about difference! These are obvious things that everyone knows by now.

We always have to work well!

We use Turbo to explain our Dreamers that we have always to work well, carefully, attentively. We have always to try doing a very good job even when no one sees us or when we think nobody sees us.

We never must think that our bad job won’t be seen by anyone and that no one will realize it.

Because we don’t know who are watching us at that time, we don’t know what chances – with a bad job – we risk to throw away and above all – with a bad job – we risk to become – like the worker who sew Turbo – the laughingstock of someone on the other side of the world and the symbol of a bad job.

And we don’t want certainly this, right Dreamers? 😉



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