Who are the OFpassiON Ambassadors?

Erica Zuanon

She is our first Ambassador. We like to define her our “Number Zero”.

With enthusiasm she immediately embraced our educational philosophy, which was a bit already hers thanks to her life experiences. She gave a crazy acceleration to our Ambassador project.

Even though we were just not ready in details, yet…we cannot help but be swallowed up by her excitement of starting soon!


According to all it was a mission impossible. Combine the forehead of an engineer with the sensitive and romantic soul of a pianist was not possible. One or the other.

Turn your passion into your profession is only a matter of luck, according to many people, a thing that occurs by chance, a bit like the hair color. And we have to settle for, above all in the last years due to the crisis!


In Padua

What does she deal with?

She always took seriously the matter of helping as many people as she can get free of the Working Dissatisfaction.

What does she provide under the OFpassiON brand?

RoboTeen. Courses for Teenagers. Prepare our kids facing the new working world 4.0 successfully. We are not interested in creating hyper-technological nerds disconnected from the world where they live. But we have a total need of smart young people able to face successfully (and happily) the challenges of the future in the new working world 4.0.


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