• Do you find our idea of formation and school interesting?
  • Do you believe, too, that every Dreamer (children and teens) deserves to learn enjoying oneself?
  • Have you ever taken part into any OFpassiON event that struck or inspired you particularly? Have you ever listened to any of our interventions and agree with our idea of learning? Do you follow us online and are bewitched by our events and our approach?
  • Do you agree with and want to embrace the philosophy of our school and the 10 rules?
  • Do you agree with our mission “revolutionize the world of the education so that every child and teen can learn by a funny way”?
  • Would you like to replicate events, courses and labs with our methods and our format?



Do you satisfy these requirements?

  • Do enthusiasm and passion move what you do?

  • Nothing is impossible! Through determination, commitment, labor and hard work we arrive where we want! Do you believe it with passion and are you committed in transmitting it to Dreamers?

  • Do you have a legal personality (Company, institution, association, freelancer, school…) with a legal seat in Italy or abroad?

  • Do you deal with formation at any level, education, event planning?

  • Do you organize tech theme meetings for children, teens and/or adults, annual structured paths or simply spot meetings or are you going to organize them?

  • Have you got a location to host the event and/or the courses?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, you’re ready to ask for becoming OFPassiON Ambassador.


We are looking for you: become OFpassiON Ambassador!

We’ll help you in the planning and in all those aspects which take time and resources so that you can focus on Dreamers.

An OFpassiON Ambassadors network in Italy, Europe and around the world that – after an appropriate training – helps dreamers to understand that learning can be funny and discover and chase one’s own passions is the only way for a professional life with great satisfactions.

We help you with the training, in preparing the location, with format and kit ready for the events, courses and lessons to allow you to dedicate exclusively to Dreamers by a simple and nice way. Organize and manage cool events has never been so easy.

Contact us for any info.


What do we offer to the OFpassioON Ambassadors?


OFpassiON Brand and Logo

Utilization of our brands and logos on your whole offline and online communication.


Online and offline advertising

Listing and advertising of your references in the OFpassiON Ambassador sections of our website, on our social media, via newsletter to the subscribers in the whole Italy and on our online and offline media.

Listing of all the events with OFpassiON Ambassador brand through Italy, Europe and around the world in the calendar in our website.


Territorial exclusivity

You start with a territorial exclusivity of the OFpassiON Ambassador province of reference with a possibility to widen it according to the events, participants and the satisfaction of people attending.


New Customers and Dreamers

Turn the Dreamers interested contacting us from your area to your activity.


OFpassiON Ambassador Training

Initial training on the field with a theory and practical part starting with events and spot workshops and nonstop high level training for structured paths and annual paths. Non-stop online training through informative material, dedicated newsletter and updates on all the tech novelties. Access to the reserved area with the exclusive material.



Environment realization on Dreamer scale

Low-cost kit ready and reusable to realize environments fit for the meetings, labs and courses. It’s enough few steps and no important investments are needed to create nice environments on Dream scale.


Ready courses and events

Many kit ready for use and easily replicable for events and courses with material, script, program, costumes, bills and everything necessary. Organize an event will be a piece of cake. Raising the formation level, you will be able to organize easily structured paths for dreamers of any age, as far as arriver to organize residential summer camps with our brand.


Customized graphics

Realization of the dedicated professional graphics for bills, events, labs, visit cards…our professional graphic artist will deal with everything and you will be able to dedicate to your core business: promote and realize events which will be immediately sold out.


Online and social promotion

A nonstop network, besides our websites and social profiles, which will allow to highlight the events you will organize with a steady rebound.



Quick help to never let you alone. The experience of a prepared and trained staff, with a solid experience on the field, to help you fast about any need on the way.

Contact us for any info.



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