OFpassiON Ambassadors

About them

The OFpassiON Ambassadors are Companies, Associations, Institutions and Freelancers who decided to embrace the educational philosophy of our 10 rules.

After an appropriate training directly provided by Valeria and Francesco, they are able to replicate throughout Italy, Europe and around the world our activities addressed to Dreamers.

By this way we are able to allow much more dreamers around the world to experiment with a funny and creative learning.


ambassador di ofpassion


All our Ambassadors agree with and share our mission: revolutionize the education world so that every child and teen can learn by a funny way step by step. All together we can do it!

In the world everyone deserves a positive and funny learning.

Some of our Ambassadors are focused on children and teens, others on Managers and Companies, other ones on teachers and schools.

In this section you’ll find the complete and steadily updated list, the territorial competence, the activities organized which will be always bought directly on our website.



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