Francesco Baldassarre

Francesco Baldassarre

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About Francesco Baldassarre


Born in 1992, a degree in Information Technology and since ever fond of two great fields poles apart, but only at appearance: Information Technology and Philosophy.

I am OFpassiON Co-Founder and Mentor together with Valeria Cagnina.

Fond enthusiastic of Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning, I mix the technical skills with the moral, ideal and ethic aspects above all that the development of these technologies will produce in people’s lifetime and in the human relationships. At all levels.

I bump by chance online into one of the many big newspapers titles dedicated to Valeria and her experience at MIT, being able to have reached the Hall of Fame of all technology lovers in the world and have done it when she was only 15. I get struck and I ask her for her contact on the social media. So I entered what I call “Twister Valeria”, her way to run life in order to chase dreams and passions.



How did I met Valeria and how did I entered her twister?

When Valeria starts the call looking for partners asking for the cv, I write in a flash a presentation email on the spot, completely unusual and captivating, that at the third line already allowed me to pass all the mental selections. My cv becomes almost an accessory.

Valeria is 16 and interviews me, 24. She does it – of course – by her own way. The chemistry is immediate.

My undetermined time employment job which gave me only economical satisfactions is a little tight every day more.


learn by doing imparare facendo valeria e francesco


What about my passions? Information Technology, Philosophy and Education!

I measure myself with education at school, at the events at the weekends and I plan with her in the evening and at night. I find out another passion I never thought I had. Once again I mix in a new joint my technical formation with passions, with the philosophic, ethic and moral aspects I am bewitched by, in order to find a new combination – and a new practical application! – to help kids and teens discovering, cultivating and chasing their own passions.

I try to insinuate in adult people naturally and using my skills a new way of looking at the world and the professional sphere, maybe a bit flattened and tired according to the first rule “Nothing is impossible!”

Information Technology allows you to create a world.

If you are quite good, you can be God.

On a small scale.



I enjoy myself in doing what I do and – apparently – it shows!

The eyes of passion, enthusiasm, positivity and confidence in the future do the rest, I enjoy myself in doing what I do and – apparently – it shows!

Soon Valeria involves me in all her activities, and in a few months, with a crazy acceleration and long-term projects we made, we passed from being simple partners to founder associates of our company. OFpassiON is formalized by the notary a month after Valeria’s 18th birthday.

Today our goal is upsetting the concept of education in order to focus again on Dreamers in every learning process and ensure that they can turn their own passions into a job.



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