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turbo mascotte ofpassion robotica educativa valeria e francescoturbo ofpassion robotica educativa mascotte
Always work well even when no one sees you,
or think nobody sees you,
to not miss the chances!



Turbo is the mascot of our school. Its story is very particular and there’s a well precise reason right it was chosen for. Do you notice something odd? Before clicking to read its presentation and find everything out about it, think well of it! The kids realize it immediately! Find out more! Scopri di più.

Nothing is impossible!
Thanks to determination, commitment, labour and hard work we can arrive where we want:
only on the dictionary “success” is ahead of “sweet”!

Valeria Cagnina

Co-Founder and Mentor

When she was 11 she built alone her first robot, following the videos on YouTube (at the time in English only). When she was 13 she was appointed Digital Champion for the municipality of Alessandria. At 14 she was speaker at TEDx Milano Women and at 15 she spent the Summer at MIT in Boston as Senior Tester of Duckietown project. There she found out learning can be fun and when she was 16 she opened her own school following the 10 rules created by herself. In 2018 she was listed among the Italian InspiringFifty. In 2019 she is listed by Forbes among 100 Under 30 who will change the future.

Today, together with Francesco Baldassarre – her partner – she owns an educational robotics company and teaches kids, teens and adults in a funny and creative way. Find out more.

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valeria cagnina ofpassion robotica educativavaleria cagnina e francesco baldassarre robotica educativa
francesco baldassarre ofpassionvaleria cagnina e francesco baldassarre ofpassion robotica
IT allows you to create a world.
If you are quite enough good, you can be God.
On a small scale.

Francesco Baldassarre

Co-Founder and Mentor

Born in 1992, a degree in Information Technology, has been fond of IT and Philosophy since ever. In his spare time, he loves getting hurt totally plunging into very ambitious IT projects he shares with other unsavory characters. Whether there was one, it certainly would be the link between philosophy and IT. Between an essay by Nietzsche and a block chain’s implementation – by a totally reckless way – he decided to make a change in his own life founding an educational robotics company with Valeria. Be careful, he bites! Find out more. Read more

No one never changed the world
making what the world said to do

Liliana Monticone

CRM Customer Relationship Manager

She runs an e-commerce platform who she opened when in Italy even the code of the Chamber of Commerce didn’t exist yet. She has a travel blog both in Italian and English among the most read ones and she has written the Low-Cost Travel Guidebook which reached the top ten of the Amazon best sellers for several weeks.

Today she supports OFpassiON in the customer relationships, logistics, organization, moving… she tries to tell parents that web is above all an opportunity to be exploited without fear, in according to 10th rule of OFpassion.


liliana monticone crm ofpassionliliana monticone ofpassion crm customer relationship manager

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